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How "GIZA" was born!

When I was asked by the "LUXE" magazine team if I would be willing to donate my time to design a "seat" that will benefit the Illumination Foundation. A non-profit organization that helps homeless children in Orange County, my immediate answer was 'YES!!'.

As I embarked on the design process, my first instinct was to create a unique seat that will symbolize the foundation. I started researching and found out that the foundation's logo is a triangle, much like the 'Illuminati' 's symbol. From then on it was easy. I love geometric shape. I wanted all angle of the chair to depict a triangle. That's how I started the design process. I chose a dark walnut finish with pure brass and crisp white linen to highlight the sharp edges.

Then of course you have to give it a name! 'Giza' was the one. It's triangular shape commensurate the pyramid 's shape and the brass detailing acted like the aura of the pharaoh's soul emerging to the sky.

I love how it turned out. It's a piece that can be placed in an entry way, library, in a corner of your living room.. It can go pretty much anywhere and can mix in with any style. It's a stunning show piece- the 'Star' of the room.

I am humbled to be able to participate in such a great cause. Giza brought in the most during the live auction that was held October 7, 2017. It softens my heart to know it had contributed in some way to bring in about $ 150,0000 for the foundation. And the cherry on the cake for me was that it was bought by one of the most celebrated Architect of Southern California, whose work I admire- Homer Oatman from Oatman Architects.

photo credit : Tara Blaska Photography

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