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For the love of craft

Love for creating is probably one of the reason why I am an interior designer. Craftsmanship gets me excited. During my 3 years of living in India I got up-close and personal with artisans, the process and the behind the scenes of what it takes to make a beautiful piece. Such one craftsman that I came close to and get to use for my projects was V I Y A. It's one of a kind pieces , arresting presence and beautiful craftsmanship got me wanting to be involved with the brand.

V I Y A 's workshop is located in the outskirts of Delhi, India.

Original designs are handcrafted by highly skilled Indian artisans employing centuries-old methods once patronized by royal families — underscoring a commitment to exquisite craftsmanship.

Bespoke design is a cornerstone of Viya's work and Viya collaborates globally with architects and interior designers across the corporate, residential and hospitality segments.

If you are interested seeing more of V I Y A products and want to learn more about it, shoot me an email :

Huma Sulaiman Design is representing V I Y A in the West coast !

Above is a console called " Metallic Pyrite " by V I Y A

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